Naturally our fund-raising depends greatly on the kindness and generosity of the public. We would like to sincerely thank all the people in our local areas and surrounding localities who have given either their time or money and in many cases both.

We hope to provide the facility to donate online soon but in the meantime please use the contact details below if you would like to donate some money to this worthy cause.

All amounts, small or large, are very much appreciated as of course is your time if you would like to help us fund-raise in person.

All money raised goes directly to Fr. Peacock without any stoppages.

Tax Relief on Donations

Did you know that as a result of tax relief available on donations we can now make your generosity go even further! Donations of €250 and upwards allow us to benefit from tax relief which increases the value of your donation greatly.

To do this simply send us your name and address with your donation and we will send you a form to sign, which allows us to claim the tax back on the donation.

Or you can simply download the form here, fill it in and return it to us: Tax Claim Form.pdf

The form is also available, along with more information, on the Revenue website.

Contact Details

Charity Name: Zimbabwe Rural Development Trust
Registered Charity No.: 18026


Co. Tipperary


Marie: 353 86 1535351
Mary: 353 86 8741516